Helmel Engineering is engaged in the design, manufacture, sales and service of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and related software. They are built mainly for the manufacturing industry in the automotive, aerospace and business machine sector and for tool and die shops, moldmakers, machine and fabricating shops, stamping houses, etc. Practically anyone having to verify a physical part to dimensions on a blueprint to a high degree of accuracy is a potential customer. A complete line of Bridge style machines are offered for manual and automatic operation. Our proprietary mechanical bearing system makes our machines well suited for production floor applications where high reliability is required.

Specialty components such as; granite plates, precision bearings, optical measuring systems, computers, digital readouts, motors and controllers that are part of the measuring machine are purchased from reliable vendors. Helmel Engineering has developed a genuine relationship with most of its suppliers; some go back to 1973.

Helmel Engineering participates and has always participated in most of the relevant industrial exhibitions i.e., the IMTS and Quality Expo in Chicago, WESTEC in Los Angeles and several local SME shows. The majority of the sales are accomplished through independent dealerships. Most of these are in the USA, but we also have representation in Canada, Mexico, Korea, Turkey, Israel, India, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Machines have also been delivered to countries of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Denmark, Sweden and China. The deliveries to China were based on Helmel's reputation for reliability.