When you need day in, day out reliability for your large part inspection.

Microstar 1M Bridge Type CMMs Series

Helmel DNA: Since 1973, a common genetic thread has run through all Helmel CMMs reflecting a philosophy and culture of sound mechanical designs, properly constructed, and coupled with leading probe systems and software that is powerful, efficient, and simple. Our objective is to provide customers with a durable and long lasting precision CMM that is affordable, economical to operate, easy to learn and use, and delivers decades of value and return on investment. It is an added bonus that Helmel is a stable company who will promptly provide knowledgeable service and support.

All Helmel Coordinate Measuring Machines have bearing systems characterized by strong bearing ratios, design emphasis on balance, attention to the center of moving mass, and optimized drive locations. Our CMMs are constructed with Intrinsic Mechanical Accuracy – IMA: they are physically straight, flat, square, and true, with precision derived from the structure. In most cases the introduction and expense of error mapping is not required. When applied, however, it is built on top of a sound and physically accurate structure¹.

Turn off error mapping on any competitive machine and you reveal a poor underlying product, for which you pay a dear price. Mapping is done to reduce production costs, but it will cost you more each time you need calibration because error correction files are hidden behind password protection only the OEM can access, binding you to their higher priced services for years. All calibration files on Helmel CMMs are open and accessible.

UCC Logo The design of our 1M Series incorporates a hybrid bearing system, with a combination of mechanical and air bearings, each utilized to take advantage of optimum performance characteristics.

An optional Renishaw UCC2 Controller can be ordered to enhance capabilities turning the Microstar into a very powerful scanning system.

Microstar 1M
Manual and DCC (Motorized) Options
DCC Options
Renishaw UCC2 CMM Controller

- Requires Renishaw UCC2 Controller



Standard Features

Model Number X Y Z
640-402 1015mm (40") 1525mm (60") 1015mm (40")
840-402 1015mm (40") 2030mm (80") 1015mm (40")
1040-404 1015mm (40") 2540mm (100") 1015mm (40")
1240-402 1015mm (40") 3050mm (120") 1015mm (40")
650-402 1270mm (50") 1525mm (60") 1015mm (40")
850-402 1270mm (50") 2030mm (80") 1015mm (40")
1050-402 1270mm (50") 2540mm (100") 1015mm (40")
1250-402 1270mm (50") 3050mm (120") 1015mm (40")
660-402 1525mm (60") 1525mm (60") 1015mm (40")
860-402 1525mm (60") 2030mm (80") 1015mm (40")
1060-402 1525mm (60") 2540mm (100") 1015mm (40")
1260-402 1525mm (60") 3050mm (120") 1015mm (40")
  Microstar 1M CMM product brochure
  • Dual beam bridge design
  • Bearings, ways, drives and scales are covered
  • Precision bearings on hardened and ground ways
  • Air bearing on outboard leg
  • Non-contact optical steel scales mounted on steel structure
  • .5µm (.000020”) Resolution
  • Granite base
  • 3/8-16 clamping inserts
  • Wired for Renishaw Touch Trigger Probes
  • Separate Electronic/Computer Cabinet
  • Rugged 3-axis joystick
  • Latest computer hardware
  • Flat panel LCD monitor
  • Pull-out keyboard with GEOMET Keystroke Magic™ key labels
  • GEOMET 101 DCC software
  • Training part and manual
  • 1” (25.4mm) calibration sphere
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • On-line access to software upgrades


  • Renishaw Probe Systems TP-ES, RTP20, PH6, PH6M and PH10T PLUS with TP20 or TP200 probes
  • PH20 and SP25M Scanning available when using the Renishaw UCC2 controller
  • Renishaw Stylus Change Racks MCR20 | SCR200
  • Geomet 301
  • Color Printer
  • Prolink QC-Calc SPC Software
  • UPS Battery backup system
  • Clamp Kit
  • Vibration isolating pads
  • Turnkey Systems ave Helmel provide complete fixture design/build and part programming for your projects. We can deliver you new CMM ready to run.
  • Integrate your Helmel CMM into a cell or production line with our
    I/O Option to communicate with automation and provide output for process control