MH20i Manual indexable probe head with integral TP20 probe

CMM Style: Manual and DCC

Manually indexable probe head with a built in TP20 kinematic mount. The exchangeable modules allow the use of multiple styli configurations in any of the 168 indexable and repeatable positions eliminating the need for re-qualifications.

Note: The MH20i is compatible with the MSR1 module stylus rack, but not with the MCR20 module change rack.


PAA Family of Autojoint to M8 adapters
Standard Stylus Kit

Qu. Part Number Description
1 A-5000-4156 dia. 6 x 10 mm
2 A-5000-4161 dia.4 x 20 mm
2 A-5000-4160 dia.3 x 20 mm
1 A-5000-3603 dia.2 x 20 mm
1 M-5000-3647 10 mm Extension
Qu. Part Number Description
2 M-5000-3648 20 mm Extension
1 M-5000-3627 5-Way Center
2 M-5000-3540 Stylus Tool
1 M-5000-4163 M3/M2 Adapter
Note: M3/M2 Adapter only with TPES

Recommended Options
TP20 Stylus Modules

CMM Style: Manual and DCC

The TP20 probe system has 5 standard length modules, plus two extended length modules (EM1 and EM2) to fit your inspection needs.

These modules also mount directly to the MH20 and MH20i indexing probe head without the use of the TP20 touch probe body.

    Force Tigger Body Length Stylus Len.
  LF Low 0.06 N 13 mm 10-30 mm
  SF Standard 0.08 N 13 mm 10-50 mm
  MF Medium 0.10 N 13 mm 10-60 mm
  EF Extended 0.10 M 13 mm 10-60 mm    
  6W 6-way 0.14 N 24 mm 10-50 mm    
  EM1 Standard 0.08 N 88 mm 10-50 mm    
  EM2 Standard 0.08 N 113 mm 10-50 mm