MH8 Manual indexing probe head

CMM Style: Manual and DCC

Manually indexed probe head with repeatable positioning eliminating the need to re-qualify. Provides indexing 360° in the horizontal plane and 90° of elevation in 15° steps. Accepts all M8 mounted touch probes (TP2, TP6, TP20, TP200).

see - MH8 Specification Sheet.


Standard Stylus Kit

Qu. Part Number Description
1 A-5000-4156 dia. 6 x 10 mm
2 A-5000-4161 dia.4 x 20 mm
2 A-5000-4160 dia.3 x 20 mm
1 A-5000-3603 dia.2 x 20 mm
1 M-5000-3647 10 mm Extension
Qu. Part Number Description
2 M-5000-3648 20 mm Extension
1 M-5000-3627 5-Way Center
2 M-5000-3540 Stylus Tool
1 M-5000-4163 M3/M2 Adapter
Note: M3/M2 Adapter only with TPES

Recommended Options
PEL 1 Probe Extension A-1047-3484

CMM Style: Manual and DCC

A probe extension between the head and the touch probe is used to probe deep features. The M8 thread accepts TP2, TP20 and TP200 probes. The kit contains one 50 mm lightweight bar made from Aluminum.

  Part Number Length / Description
PEL1 A-1047-3484 50 mm