Akin to a tool changer on a machining center, Renishaw offers stylus change racks vastly extending the capability of your DCC Coordinate Measuring Machine. By using a variety of stylus configurations most or all features of a part can be checked in one set up saving valuable time and money.

Available with the purchase of a New PH10 Probe Head and PHC10 Probe Head Controller.

Racks can be used wih PH6, MH8, RTP20, PH10, and PH20 Probe Heads.

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TCR20 Stylus Change Rack for PH20 Probe Head and TP20 Probes

TCR20 is a compact probe module rack for use with PH20 that provides the capability for quick and repeatable tool changing and tip correction.

Based on the industry standard range of MCR20 rack systems, TCR20 securely stores modules for rapid automatic changing, protecting mating surfaces from any airborne contaminants within the working envelope of the machine.

TCR20 carries the full range of TP20 modules for use with a PH20 system and can accommodate a range of module and stylus combinations.

TCR20 features an integrated tip datum artefact in the centre of the rack assembly, reducing cycle time when measuring and performing the tip correct procedure.

Tip correction is key when the absolute highest level of accuracy is required for certain applications. It compensates for any residual variations after a tool change, maintaining a market leading level of accuracy from PH20.

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MCR20 Stylus Change Rack for TP20 Probes

The MCR20 stylus module changing rack provides rapid automatic change of modules without the need to re-qualify. Rack functions completely passive not requiring electrical connections. Installation and set up is simple with the aid of a set-up routine in Geomet properly locating the rack within the machine coordinates. The rack is mounted on a base that is designed with built-in over travel that serves as crash protection.

The MCR20 comes with two modules. The rack can be configured for 2, 3, 4 or 6 ports which are covered with protective docking plates to shield the modules from dirt and debris.

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SCR200 Stylus Change Rack for TP200 Probes

The SCR200 provides rapid, automatic changing of TP-200 stylus modules without the need to re-qualify stylus tips. The SCR200 powered by a separate interface and provides an inhibit signal to facilitate safe changing of modules.

The SCR200 comes with one stylus module and has 6 docking ports.

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FCR25 Change Rack Unit

Made specifically for the SP25 Scanning Probe which is available with a variety of scanning modules. It comes as a 3-port or 6-port stand alone rack unit.