High Precision 4-Axis Shaft Measuring Machine

Automatic Shaft Analysis in the Factory Environment

The Helmel Axium Shaft Measuring Machine has been developed to provide precise, automatic dimensional measurement of cylindrical and shaft-like manufactured parts. The system is hardened for use in production and on the factory floor, and requires minimal training for non-metrology employees.

Designed as a 4-Axis System

Although the Axium has been designed as a 4-axis measuring system, it can be configured as a 3-axis system (less rotary axis) to fit your manufacturing needs. The Geomet metrology software is designed for measurement, verification and GD&T applications and resides on a powerful Windows based system along side.

The Helmel Axium shaft measuring machine presents a horizontal format, with a major cylindrical axis oriented left to right, duplicating the way most shafts are manufactured and ground. Parts are typically staged between centers, or on solid or rotating Vees. The system employs the Renishaw Touch Trigger or scanning probes for part sensing and can incorporate an automatic stylus changing system for totally automatic operation.

Geomet Expanded 4-Axis Support

Measurement output can be made available for immediate accept/reject decisions based on nominal/tolerance features. Manual or automatic feedback of deviations may be used to control the manufacturing process. As a 4-axis system, single feature may be inspected while interlaced with rotation in the 4th axis. This unique feature provided by Geomet, allow single features to measure from two different sides.

The standard Axium shaft measuring machine is suitable for shaft lengths up to 900mm (36"), with a maximum diameter of 300mm (12"). Capacity for shaft lengths up to 1500mm (60") is available as an option.

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PH6M Fixed head with autojoint connector
MCR20 Stylus Change Rack for TP20 Probes
SCR200 Changer rack for TP200 stylus modules
Renishaw UCC2 CMM Controller

- Requires Renishaw UCC2 Controller



Standard Features

Measuring Range
1115mm (44") 175mm (7") 250mm (10")
Overall Size:
1905mm (75") 940mm (37") 1525mm (60")
Scale Resolution:
0.5 µm (0.00020")
3.5 µm (0.00014")
Linear Accuracy:
3.3µm + L/167m (0.00014" + 0.000006" per inch)
Mechanical Accuracy:
Intrinsic without volumetrically compensating through software
Weight :
1360 kg (3000 lbs)
Specifications based on 68°F (20°C) and 50% humidity.


  • Geomet 301
  • Renishaw PH6/TP200 Touch Probe System
  • Renishaw SP25 Scanning System
  • Right Angle Stylus Rack Mount
  • Renishaw UCC2 Motion Controller
  • Pressurized Cabin System
  • Air Conditioning for Controller & PC
  • Head/Tail Stock Options
  • Isolation Pads
  • Renishaw Stylus Change Racks SCR200 or MCR200
  • Integrate your Helmel CMM into a cell or production line with our
    I/O Option to communicate with automation and provide output for process control
Axium CMM product brochure