PAA'x' Autojoint to M8 bush extension bars

The PAA family of extension bars extend the range of your autojoint probe system to accept M8 thread probes. The PAA range of extension bars allow standard 2-wire touch-trigger probes to be fitted to autojointed heads - for example, TP20 to PH10M PLUS or MIH.

There are three PAA extension bars available. The PAA1 is a 30 mm steel adaptor, the PAA2 and PAA3 are made of aluminium and have an overall effective length of 140 mm and 300 mm respectively.

  Part Number Length / Description
PAA1 A-1051-0417 30 mm
PAA2 A-1051-0418 140 mm
PAA3 A-1051-0419 300 mm
PAA Extension family