PH10T PLUS Motorized Indexing Probe Head System

PH10T PLUSThe PH10T PLUS is similar to the PH10M PLUS, except that it features an M8 thread probe mount in place of the autojoint. All M8 threaded probes, such as TP20 and TP200, and extension bars fit directly onto the head. The PH10T PLUS is fully compatible with all of Renishaw's stylus and module change systems.


Phoenix Economical small to mid range motorized CMMs
Microstar Full Range of Manual or Motorized CMMs
Length 103 mm
Width 62 mm
Weight 645 g
Probe mounting M8 thread (2 wire)
Head mounting Shank to suit CMM
Suitable controller PHC10-3 PLUS
Repeatability of position 0.4 µm (0.00002 in) specified at a distance of 100 mm
Total no. of positions 720
Max recommended drive torque 0.45 Nm
Maximum extension bar 300 mm (11.8 in) using PEL4 extension