Efficient Shop Floor Shaft Measurement.

Designed for shafts of all types, Helmel Shaft Measuring machines (SMM's) have proven that they can take it, decade after decade.

Our SMM's are designed to efficiently check lengths, steps, grooves, diameters, and run-out quickly using standard hard probes. Used widely for large and small engine shaft components, as well as turbine, transmission, pump, copier and general shaft measuring applications. Consider how a manual Helmel Shaft Measuring Machine can improve your quality and efficiency, and reduce your reject rate. Your customers will definitely approve.

Companies such as Xerox, Kodak, GM, Chrysler, John Deere and Cummins have already found the benefits of shop floor shaft measurements.

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Manual Operation, Single or Dual Axes using hard mechanical Probes
X-Axis Lengths:
12", 20", 25", 30", 40", 50" and 60" between centers, Longer lengths available.
Y-Axis Stroke:
6" (12" swing)
Power Requirement:
120/230V, 50-60~

Standard Features



  • Rigid mechanical bearing design, with hardened ground steel ways, provides intrinsic accuracy and dependability
  • All ways, bearings and scales enclosed and protected for shop environment
  • Non-contact steel scales with .00002" resolution
  • Locks and fine adjustment on each axis.
  • Full granite base on a steel stand for long term dimensional stability.
  • Heidenhain ND287 Multifunction position display
  • Installation by customer.
  • Hand operated centers. Tail stock slides along hardened T-Rail
  • Air operated centers (300 lbs at 100 PSI)
  • Fixed Vee Blocks on T-rail for shaft support
  • Adjustable Vee Blocks to accommodate varying diameters
  • Precision live or dead centers
  • Rotating Edge finder Probe to check length
  • Snap Ring Groove Edge finder Probe
  • Taper Probe to check locations of cross holes
  • Draw Bar to keep probe fixed
  • Ball centers for parts that are checked from a ball in its center