Microstar 220-162 DCC CMM
Type Size Range Drives


20" (500) 20" (500) 16" (400)

Reliable CMM for shop floor and lab.

Our Microstar series of CMMs covers a wider size range from medium to large. These versatile units can be used in the lab or in the shop. The ways, bearings, scales and motors are enclosed or protected against harsh environments. All are available in manual or DCC, with several levels of software.

The Microstar is built on a substantial granite base for stability. The moving bridge construction provides the greatest flexibility, accuracy and structural integrity at a reasonable price. The design emphasizes powerful bearing ratios together with Helmel's tradition of precision mechanical bearing movement on hardened and ground steel ways. You do not need an air supply! Straight and square construction ensures intrinsic mechanical accuracy without reliance on volumetric error correcting software tricks. This makes calibration simple and saves you money in the future.

To request a quote, please call 1-800-BEST CMM (237-8266) or contact Helmel at sales@helmel.com.