Every CMM System equipped with our Geomet Software includes an SSC for the first year*. Customers should continue the Geomet Software Service Contract beyond the first year to keep the software current, and to provide CMM operators with knowledgeable support and assistance.

*Geomet Junior Plus is limited to 30 days.

The SSC provides:

  • - Priority access to GEOMET Application Engineers through phone support at (716) 297-8644 (East Coast), (714) 637-9378 (West Coast).
  • - Priority access to GEOMET Application Engineers through email at support@helmel.com.
  • - Free GEOMET update releases when available.
  • - Assistance with specific part programming.
  • - Interim GEOMET releases as they are made available.
  • - First response to software technical questions.
  • - GeoConnect - Remote technical support sessions.
  • - Reduced prices for subsequent Geomet re-training at Helmel.

Software Service Contract Duration

All new Coordinate Measuring Machines sold by Helmel Engineering come with an initial SSC to provide support for your operators. When the expiration date of the SSC approaches, you will receive a renewal contract to continue the SSC coverage. The duration of an SSC contract is detailed in the table below.

Software Level   Initial Period*   Contract Extension
Geomet Junior Plus   30 Days   1 Year
Geomet 101 Plus   1 Year   1 Year
Geomet 301   1 Year   1 Year
Geomet 501   1 Year   1 Year
* This initial period is provided free with a purchase of a CMM or as a upgrade to an existing CMM.

An SSC is the bridge between you and our development team, and gives your CMM technicians the help they need when they need it. SSC holders also have a direct influence on the future content and capability of Geomet. (Non-SSC customers desiring support are required to issue a valid credit card to receive assistance on an hourly basis).

An SSC is not a CMM support contract for hardware or calibration, or for on-site support. Although on-site support and training are optionally available, most application questions can be handled via phone or e-mail.

An important prerequisite for an SSC is initial operator training. Telephone support is no substitute for hands-on training by an experienced Geomet Software engineer. Classes are available monthly at Helmel’s facility in Niagara Falls, NY, or our facility in Orange, CA. Onsite training is offered and quoted upon request.

Geomet Upgrades Online

Geomet Interim releases are made available only on the Geomet web support site. These interim releases cover changes made between the major release dates which normally occur in June and December each year. Geomet Interim Upgrades are available only to Software Service Contract holders.

If you are not a SSC holder, please contact our sales department at: (716) 297-8644 or sales@helmel.com to obtain additional information or pricing.